CurliLocks-- I was really surprised how much softer and looser your curls look shorter in your 1/2004 shots compared to the longer hair photos. It's a great look for you!
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That's probably because of all the combing and cutting, and the fact that he took Curls Rock and reeeeaaaalllly worked it thru my hair! :P I've never seen my hair so "3a" before LOL! But I'd like to be able to duplicate it just for a change every once in a while. I guess if I work a gel or something thru my hair and really pull and handle it a lot, it might loosen up.

I can't use the Curls Rock because I found out it was stripping my RC Color bad! It just rinsed down the drain with a bunch of foamy slime, and I hadn't done anything but wet it!

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