Hi everyone.
I got the Keratin treatment done on the Tues. the 24th of March. What a process! I drove 4 hours to get this done and ended up having a stomach thing the night before and the day of. Needless to say I felt horrible. I am not sure if that is why it seemed like it dragged on and on but we started at 9am and ended at 1 so 4 hours. The salon I went to and the ONLY salon in the entire state to offer this was running a special for $75/hr as opposed to the $100/hr
They started off by shampooing my hair with a clarifying poo maybe 2x...cant remember then off to blow dry we went. My stylist had an assistant when blow drying which was great and cut down on time and money for me. Next she started at the nape of my neck taking very small sections and applying the Keratin in the same fashion as hair color, the keratin did not smell bad at all. Next a bag was placed over my hair for what seemed like an eternity to me because I was feeling so ill from my lil' bug. From there they blow dried my hair again, w/out washing out the keratin of course. Again the teeniest sections begining at the nape were taken and flat ironed w/a special flat iron from Coppola and sooo hot.
My hair was flat ironed pin pin pin straight - I HATE IT THAT Way but its just for the 3 days. I tend to put a flip on the ends or a bump. The only problem I have had thus far is that my hair is so staticy, which never happens to me but I guess its that no serum was applied and trying to cook w/out pulling my hair back is such a challenge for me. Also, although the smell of the keratin is not bad my hairs scent is so strong to have plastered to my face all day from the static and the fact that I cant pull it back. Anyway, tomorrow is my first day to was and I am more excited about that then I was about getting the treatment done. I look like a wet dog right now because my hair is so flat and lifeless. I will be posting pics along the way of this process.
Check my fotki...
If you have any questions I will be more than happy to answer. Sorry for such a long post but I wanted to share as much as possible. Oh I am a real poster on here, havent posted very much but I am legit =)

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My hair is very similar to yours (on a good day, in your before pic) and I love your after picture! Question though...in your after picture, did you blow dry it or use a flat iron?