What should I do? Ask her for the 16 back and wash my hands of this, or ask her for the last bottle that I've paid (and actually paid postage) for? I'm so frustrated at the lack of communication, but if she can't be emailed (option disabled) and doesn't answer her PMs (stretching out a process that should have taken days to a month and a half) I think putting the complaint here would be justified, no? But then I'm very annoyed. Do I just need to cool off?
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Wow, that is a bad situation. I'm also struck by the gall of this person continuing to blithely post to these boards as if she hasn't just totally screwed one of the members (and maybe others). You owe it to yourself and to others to call her out. I can forgive someone who is a victim of circumstance (car broke down, snowstorm, etc) and put up with a few days' delay, but the kind of behavior you've described is completely unacceptable.
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Sorry you had to go through that and I think you have every right to be annoyed! I agree with Jillipoo. It think if you post your complaint here, maybe you'll finally get a response from her. And if not, at least you'll save others from going thru the same frustration you've been through.
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