I've heard the good and the bad about leaving "wash out" conditioners in. In the past, this has not worked well for me because the conditioners like suave and garnier and dove, were too light and the ingredients were too drying it seemed. REcently I tried the Yes to Carrots conditioner as a co-wash and it turned out to leave my hair clean and moisturized and all so I decided to see how it would work if I left a litle bit of it in. At first I didn't notice a really big difference except that it defined my little springy coils nicely and made it soft.
BUT I mixed a sample of it with some pure olive oil and started using it on my hair daily with some glyerin and I must say this works well as a leave in conditioner for me.
My hair is thick, shrinky and coarse with little springy coils/afro hair (type 4, if thats how you want to define it)
I'm not sure if it's just this specific conditioner (because the ingredients are more natural) but my hair is soft and moisturized and air dries pretty defined.
3c + 4a/b = ME!

just started CG and I'm liking it so far.