does she relax it?

It looks more styled than relaxed...
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Yea, she relaxes it now at least. It's kind of silly because I kind of hate her because her character on Gossip Girl annoys me so I have been secretly wishing that the produces kill her off or something XD She's a lucky gal though, dating Ed I think I hate her because of that too -cough- Anywho...

When she first came on the show her hair was tighter, but as the show went on her curls got looser and looser. And now it looks like this

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She is gorgeous. I love her early pictures with the tight curls.

I don't like the look in this latest picture. Her hair has a lot of frizz. Whatever she's doing to it may be causing some damage.

Maybe if her character does get killed off, she'll have the sense to go back to natural!

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