Well, I just cut a foot-and-a-half off my hair and it does curl back up now, so likely if yours is long and thick it will be hard to keep curls in because it's just so heavy. But - when mine was so long (hip length) it did curl from the middle down when I washed it, but those curls were messy and not too attractive since I couldn't put much product (so much hair and also better to treat very long hair very gently). I washed once a week and kept it braided once it dried - the one big braid straightened the hair out and by about day 3 it was smooth and pretty nice.

If your hair dries reasonably fast (mine doesn't) I'd definitely recommend a few braids as a good way to set it and give nice smooth waves. You won't need anything at the bottom to hold the braids if your hair is very long and wavy.

Editing to add, my underneath hair is straight too. It makes me kinda crazy, DH says it's my soft underfur under the coarse guard hairs.

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