SO is out of town - actually out of the country on business . I actually have to go into my office 2 days this week so tonight was my night that I could experiment without having to go anywhere first thing in the morning.

So, I did my nexxus emergencee treatment tonight. I did actually shampoo prior because I needed to (I used my malibu 2000 well water no sulphate poo as I had not done that in about 3-4 weeks and it was time). I think put on the nexxus stuff - that is weird stuff. It made my hair feel thicker. I left it on 5 minutes or so. Then I rinsed it all out and put on Giovanni 50/50 condish. I combed that through and scrunched it in and then rinsed it all out. This happened to be done upside down as I did this at a sink. I then combined Boots and leave in....raked it in then combed it through as well. I used my curlease to get some water out. It's weird but when I do my hair over a sink it seems like my hair is much wetter than in a shower. Probably my imagination. Anyways, I then scrunched in a BHRG/AVG-Theraneem AVG combo upside down and then a bit more upright.

I have diffused and it is now fully dry. For the next experiment I am not SOTC and will use a silk sleep bonnet and see how my hair looks in the morning. This part of my experiment is more for just to see because I really don't have any reason not to shower in the morning and I really don't mind doing my hair daily. But I am curious to see if my hair will hold up until morning. I have to say that not scrunching out the crunch is driving me nuts. I hate my hair all crunchy and wet looking. But I will not succumb to SOTC for the sake of the experiment.

Not that anyone is really interested in this part of my experiment other than me but I will update in the a.m.
Originally Posted by xcptnl
I don't think it's your imagination. My hair is ALWAYS wetter when I do it in the sink than shower. Think it's the way the water flows and hair clumps all together.

I've tried the non-SOTC at night a couple times. Works pretty well but I have to do my hair before supper in order for it to be fully dry by the time I go to bed.

Be interested to here your results.
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