I am glad I am not the only one that notices how wet my hair is when washed in the sink. It baffles me how it would seem wetter this way then it does when I rinse upside down in the shower. I was thinking it was because I am wet in the shower so the water dripping off my hair does not bother me so much and when I am over the sink I am trying not to drip everywhere.

Ok..the bonnet looked absolutely ridiculous - I am not sure what would have happened without it but I have one more night I can try it without a bonnet and that is Thursday - we will see if I am up to the challenge.

My hair was mostly dry (97% I would say) when I put it up in the bonnet. I slept ok. The bonnet was still on my head this morning. I have a bonnet line across my forehead - it's still there and I have been up an hour!

There was still some crunch left after I took the bonnet off. My hair was a bit odd looking as the ends had gotten caught up in each other. It's a bit frizzy as well and the front is sitting a bit oddly where the bonnet pushed it back. But overall, I am actually kinda impressed with how it looks.

In conclusion - I probably would not do this unless I had a specific reason - like traveling really early for work or something and I could not take the time to let my hair dry. I am going to try and put my hair in a shower cap this a.m. and do my shower stuff and see what happens.

All in all - a successful experiment so far.
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