I know it isn't long enough to pineapple, but what about when it's crunchy, pulling as much of the top of your hair up as you can on top of your head with a scrunchie and sleeping that way? If you be the guinea pig, then I can try it since my hair isn't long enough to pineapple anymore, either. Since you're in experimentation mode this week..................................:iconbiggrin :
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I do know I will never ever be wearing that silk bonnet while SO is in the same county.

I may try this again Thursday night but now I don't know if I want to try just letting it be but not scrunched out or just putting my top hair up in a scrunchie and not scrunched out??!! Even though the bonnet was totally obnoxious and scary looking (put it this way I walked by the mirror last night and I scared myself) it worked well because my hair just sat in it - there was no way for the curl to be pulled out.
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