this week so far I have bought 4 boxes of Henna. I don't think I'll buy anything else.

The Henna I found on a site, it said "100% Pure Egyptian Henna" it was for like $1.50 for 1 but if you bought 4 it was only .89each so I tried it, it was under hair dyes so we will see if it is real or fake with loads of other chemicals in it.
4a/b hair that fro's more than curls!
Co-Wash: Tressemme', HE, Avon
Leave In: SM Shea Butter Conditioner. SMCH Smoothie
Deep Treat: Avon AT Masks, Henna, Amla, Avanti
Stylers: Aloe Vera Butter, Eco Styler on dry hair, SM products
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