wow she is gorgeous.

i did not realize until i saw these
pictures she was a "mixed girl."
i looked it up and it said she was
hungarian and african american.

i always thought she was hispanic.
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Oh wow, I did too! I wouldn't have thought she was a part African American, but i guess that just goes to show how versatile people of color can look.
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Yea, I know and I do not consider it stereotypical to think that because that's how many Spanish speaking people look like. Of course there are exceptions not "every" group looks alike but gosh there is really nothing to get offended about.

Lord knows my family is diverse as diverse families can be we are mixture of everything and we come from pale white to African dark. Well excuse me "stereotypical" African since there Arabic speaking Africans and Africans of Dutch ancestry also.

I mean arguing about race ancestry seems like such a waste of time especially in America because we are a large melting pot. No one is really pure blooded so it really shouldn't matter.