Okay, (blush). My routine breaks about half the rules, but here goes.

I wash every other night with Moist or Dove Moisturizing Color Shampoo. I like Dove a tiny bit better, but the Moist gets the job done and is cheaper in the big bottle.

I condition with KMS Curl Up Hydrator. I really do see more curls. It's really thick so it can be hard to spread through my thick hair. But the magnesium sulfate in it seems to boost my curls even though I completely rinse the conditioner out.

Before I get out of the shower, I squeeze my hair toward my hair in my palms to get out excess water. Then after drying off the rest of me, I turn my head upside down and squeeze out in excess water out of my hair. I don't rub, but I squeeze out as much as possible.

Then I scrunch in whatever product I'm currently trying. If it's a lotion or gel, I scrunch in a dime-sized blob upside down to really get into the back and underside of my hair. Then I flip my head over and scrunch another dime-sized blob into the front and top and kind of tossle-scrunch so all the crown pieces aren't laying next to each other (hoping they don't look straight). If it's a spray, I do everything upright and scrunch more to get it distributed.

Finally, and this really is key, I sleep on it wet-damp on an aquis towel over my pillow. It's not plopping, but similar. I can't sit upright afterward or gravity seems to undermind some of the curl. The laying down really does help.

In the am, I spray generously with water until I see damp curl shape, like a shadow of a curl. It's always a mess until the water is sprayed. Then I scrunch and shape it a bit and go. I've liked the Awe Inspiraling spray of Jessicurl's if the curl shape isn't all that. If I'm using a cream like Aveda Be Curly, I scrunch a smear (and no more) in after the water spray.

As for the products, I got the most curl with the Dream Curls spray by far, but my hair was plastered to my head and with thick hair, that looks weird in person (can't see it as much in photos but it looked a bit greasy because of the heavy effect). My hair would start frizzing every 4-6 hours so I sprayed more on and the curl would look better than even before, but then 4-6 hrs later it would start frizzing again. My hair also was really dry and brittle by the end of day one and day two was yucky-sticky-coated and brittle.

The Aveda Be Curly has given me soft curls, but when it's rained I've had a big of frizz. And the results haven't been all that I hoped for but better than most. I'm not sure if it's been HG-quality, at least for that price. Yes, the quest for the perfect product continues.

Marc Anthony's Strictly Curls was soft and nice to touch, but I had the least curl formation with it of everything. In the am, it was okay. But by 5pm, I barely even had a tossled look.

Noodlehead wasn't perfect day one, though I had some increase in curls, but day 2 was really greasy. I don't want to wash daily since my moisture balance is just right with every-other-day washing.

As for RR and Gelebration, thanks for the complement. I like Meg Ryan's look and will keep that in the back of my mind. Those two are the only product I keep picking up and re-trying. Eventually, I may find something that works. Maybe a cocktail with one of the softies.

I think a lot of my routine is because my hair is short. Plopping doesn't work with short hair, for me at least, because it isn't holding the length from gravity. It's just flattening the little bit of hair that's there against my head. The sleeping-on-it-wet and airdrying really is a lifesaver for me. And despite the product, I've put it on towel-dried hair. Whenever I put in on wet hair, I get areas that are fluffy and areas with okay curl. It's like the wettest areas dilute the product too much.

Long post for such a simple routine, but I thought I'd give you all my details so you could see the big picture.

Which product photos did you like the most?