Most of us want at least some layers to release the curl and help them spring up better, as well as to avoid having pyramid shaped hair. Keeps the weight of the hair from pulling curl out and keeps the top from being so flat. Dries faster, too.

Needs to be cut by someone who understands curly hair so that they cut even, graduated layers without creating "shelves" in it, whether it's cut wet or dry.
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I totally agree!! A good layered haircut can make a huge difference in your hair. A bad layered haircut, however, can ruin it. My last haircut, she swore she could cut curly hair. She layered it way too short and they're uneven and choppy. Shelves, steps, rows, whatever you want to call it, that's what it is. And with the shortest layers being so short, my hair just 'fros out.

Unfortunately, that's why it's soo hard for us to find good hairstylists!