I have always *****ed about my hair (too curly, too thick, too frizzy). Then when I had the alopecia I VOWED to just embrace it if it would just stop falling out (I had 2 quarter size bald patches and 1 that was about 3x1.5 PLUS diffuse loss throughout).

You dont know what ya got til its gone! That awakening came about 6 months before finding this site. Timing is everything!
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I bet! I used to despise how much hair I have. It's hard to tame because it's fine and when I get it cut I always get remarks about how much of it I have. I have yet to find anyone with hair like mine--you all have such nice, sleek curls in comparison. Maybe it's just because you've all been CG for a lot longer.

It used to depress me that there was so much gray but after losing so much hair after having both of my children I realized that going gray is fine with me. I had two almost bald patches in the front over each eyebrow. I'd rather that over losing my hair any day!
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