OK, so I've been doing DTs and using lots of oils and oil-rich stuff in my hair for quite a while now (which it likes), and though my hair has made huge progress since I went CG, it's still quite dry, especially in one section (sadly, it's the top central layer in the back so very visible, of course!).
I had thought that all the oils were "moisturizing," but now I understand that apparently, they aren't, but they will help seal in any moisture that is there.
So how do I get my hair moisturized?? I mean, beyond just getting it wet in the shower! I am CG.
2-something? Coarse, medium underneath. Mid-back. On CG since 5/9/07.
Washing COs: VO5 Blackberry, Suave Cherry
Detangle and leave-in: Sally's GVP Conditioning Balm -- I found my HG CO!
Seal with camellia oil
Leave-in: Aura cherry almond
Gels: Homemade FSG, Eco-styler
Plus: SOTC or smooth with camellia oil, JC Nourish & Shine
Homemade food-based DTs
RC color