I have moderate success with sleeping on the crunch, but it has to be completely dry inside the clumps or it frizzes and/or dries sticking at all sorts of weird angles. (And you must have a smooth pillow case, of course). It has depended on the product combos as well ... KCCC by itself isn't enough hold, but a gel is ok. Logical? Yes, in theory, but I didn't think it through on the KCCC-only night

YMMV, etc.
"when I sleep, my curls crush flat, like a slinky that's slopped sideways"
Gone 'girly. Last 'poo 10/18/08
Current experiment is Co-Wash and Condition: V05 kiwi lime clarifying conditioner
Then KBB super silky, KCCC, then L'Oreal Melting Gel with a bit of GF Super Stiff mixed in.
Pre-toweling, post-toweling, pre-plop and post-plop. The jury is not out on the plopping thing. I think my hair is too fine.
fine / non-porous / thin aka 3"abba" / oh so Fine / just barely ii