I never thought to sleep with the crunch in my hair. As my hair is currently drying, maybe I should try that tonight. I've tried pineappling, but that was annoying to sleep that way, think my hair isn't long enough yet to do properly. And my hair is very "moldable", meaning it stays in that position. I tried a satin bonnet, but I got weird bends and freaky frizzy hair(might have been product related). I haven't tried clips, not even sure how I would do that...
Thanks for the idea, think I'll try it...have nothing to lose, will report the results!
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I'm wishing I'd have thought to do this on a weekend day rather than a day when I not only have to go to class tomorrow, but at my university we are having one of our prospective student days for admitted high school seniors who are deciding where to go to college, and I'm a volunteer with that. I don't want people to get the impression that my school is filled with hair experiments gone wrong hah!

Have you tried a scarf (a la "I Love Lucy")?

My hair isn't as short as yours, but since my cut I've had to adjust my sleep method. I use mix of clips and short pineapples, all high enough on my head so that it doesn't hurt. I'm not sure your hair is long enough to do it though.
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My scalp is a deva. The reason I don't want to have to deal with clips and such is that I always wake up with a bad headache. Not a fun way to start the day. I haven't tried a scarf because I don't have a suitable one. I'm not a scarf girl haha. All of my scarves are the practical kind (big, thick, wool, and warm). I worry that I wouldn't be able to keep it on during the night too.

You should check out xcptnl thread about the night of many experiments. She said sleeping pre-scrunching was promising. She also has shorter hair.

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Thanks for the link I haven't been on as much lately due to midterms and I'd missed that thread entirely. I'll have to take a detailed look
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Good luck with your exams!

My son has been gone all weekend doing one last project. Finals start on the 13th. He can't wait for a break.
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Thanks!! I don't start finals until the 30th but I get out a week later. Nothing sounds nicer to me right now than a beach trip and laying in the sun without a textbook.

I have moderate success with sleeping on the crunch, but it has to be completely dry inside the clumps or it frizzes and/or dries sticking at all sorts of weird angles. (And you must have a smooth pillow case, of course). It has depended on the product combos as well ... KCCC by itself isn't enough hold, but a gel is ok. Logical? Yes, in theory, but I didn't think it through on the KCCC-only night

YMMV, etc.
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I'll be up late studying tonight; I assure you my hair will be dry!

I'm also a violent sleeper Laura Lee so when i firsted started CG mine was slipping off all the time. I pineapple under my bonnet so it wasnt too bad, but anyways what I found keeps it on for me is a couple "X'ed" bobby pins on the each side of the back of my neck where I actually booby pin the bonnet to my hair, and I also do the same same right in front of each ear, and I dont feel them at all during the night and it keeps my bonnet on jsut the way I left it before I went to bed.
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Well I also don't want to have to go buy a bonnet! Sleeping on crunch is free haha

I've wanted to try to sleep with crunch, I've told myself I'm going to try it -- but I just CANNOT resist SOTC before going to bed!
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This is difficult for me too, especially since I used a new product combo (tried and true products put together that hadn't been tried together before). I wanna see what it looks like, but I also want to have decent hair tomorrow. Oh the choices

Hmm, good topic, Laura Lee, since I have been wondering this too! I was actually going to sleep in a bonnet tonight after I washed earlier and put in some KCCC. Are you guys saying not to use a bonnet now? Perhaps I should just sleep on the crunch with no bonnet?? So hard to decide! I really want good hair in the morn!!
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Yeah, your PM inspired me haha. I can't speak to the topic of bonnets since I don't use one though.


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