Alright well here are last night's results:

All crunch totally gone! That should tell you how much I move in my sleep haha. My pillow SOTC'ed for me. I wasn't even asleep for that long haha. About 7 hours.

A whole heck of a lot of curl got pulled out. I'm going to have to up the dose of gel the next time I try this. I think if I can get it so that I don't lose all the crunch it might be better. As it stands now, today is a pin it half up day
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I used KCCC both nights I think-I know I did the night without the cap-maybe even mixed with a bit of BHRG. Now if I lived alone - I would use the silk cap but it even embarrassed me when I saw myself in it so I will not be wearing it around ANYONE else.
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