No. I use a bunch of the other vo5 condishes. The strawberry n cream, kiwi lime, passion fruit smoothie, and the campmille tea therapy are good ones.

While I love blueberry and raspberry, often I can't deal with the scent. I dunno!

I still find that the suave condish is thicker though. Then again, I currently have been dealing with over conditioning so maybe the vo5 alone wouldn't be so bad.
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The V05's seem to be very light in comparison to Suaves. I agree if you're OC'd stick with the lighter condish until the problem goes away. Unless you want to reach for the Low Poo.

I recently bought the Blackberry one and I don't see any huge diff between that and the Clarifying ones. jilipoo posted on another thread that maybe that's just "hype" about labeling it clarifying there weren't any real surfactants in them. The clarifying ones do seem a tad lighter though......
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I was suspecting that. This morning when I used the kiwi lime, I checked out the back and decided I definitely needed to check this out... see if it really clarified or if it just said it did.


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