I was having the same issue, RozettaStone, and then I discovered aloe vera gel. It moisturizes my hair like nothing else, and my theory is that because my hair is fine as well as porous, it can't take much butter or oil (weighs it down) and it needs real moisture, which only aloe vera seems to deliver.

There are a million threads around here about aloe vera and you will no doubt feel overwhelmed at first as you peruse them, but you should check them out anyway. I'll summarize some high points:

- Lots of people don't like putting aloe vera gel in wet hair. I am one of them. I often mix it into my regular gel, though, and that seems to work very well.

- Don't buy an aloe vera gel that contains alcohol. Might wanna steer clear of the ones with a ton of preservatives, too. Lily of the Desert and Fruit of the Earth are the most common ones. I also like Trader Joe's version.

- Feel free to experiment with aloe vera juice that you can get at any health food store. Some people have mixed a little of it into products or mixed it with water to spray on their hair. I haven't had much success with aloe vera juice but I tend to be a real spaz when it comes to homemade concoctions.

- Buy products with aloe vera in them. It has made a big differnce for me.

- Sometimes, when the temperature is high and the dew point is low, I will scrunch in a bunch of aloe vera gel into my dry hair, let it get crunchy, and then scrunch it out. I have been amazed by how quenched my hair gets after doing this.

Good luck!
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