To play the opposite side, aloe of any kind does nothing really special for my hair, wet or dry. My dry, med-highly porous and fine-med-course hair, needs a moisturizing DT once a week either with heat, left on most of the day or slept in overnight. I use JC WDT religiously once a week.

Once I started using more natural products, I stopped doing regular DTs. I thought my hair was well moisturized. Woke up one day, did the hair strand test and my hair snapped immediately! So, back to the DTs for me.

Now I do hair strand tests every couple of weeks to monitor its condition. This helps me to know when my hair needs moisture as opposed to protein.
3b spirals, fine texture, normal porosity, dense
Deva Low Poo
Suave Naturals Coconut for detangling
Renpure Organics conditioner/leave-in
Homemade FSG
Curl Junkie Stuff

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