Hey CurlyGirly21 - one other thing maybe to try if you're easily weighed down. I'm recently rediscovering that I have better luck applying product when my hair is dry. It's weird but true.

When I wash it I scrunch in a *tiny* amount of leave in (dime sized) while my head is upside down. You might be able to use more, as your hair sounds a bit drier than mine. No product on the roots!

When my hair is completely dry it will be a little frizzy but not too bad. Then I very gently rake in some thick, medium to hard-hold, non-slippery gel (glycerin, oils, cones quickly make me weighed down). I use the FX Special Effects Fixative Gel. Try a little bit at a time and select individual curls to run the gel over. My hair can take a pretty giant blob of gel when it's dry. I still have good volume at the roots, and the frizz magically goes away. It can be little crunchy, but you can break that up by gently scrunching.

The next day I can re-wet with a spray bottle and it still looks pretty good (2nd day hair is never all that great for me, but this is surprisingly good).

Hey, worth a try, right?
-Porosity an ongoing mystery, fine texture
-Hair likes: light conditioners and light protein, light cones
-Hair dislikes: oils, heavy conditioners, and glycerin

-Co-wash/conditioner: Elucence Moisture
-DPT (rarely): Ion Effective Care
-Styling products: Elucence as a leave-in and (cone alert) Giovanni Frizz Be Gone