I soon found out that like moisturizers, you have to be particular about which conditioners you leave in your hair. I now choose my conditioners based on what ingredients I favor in my moisturizers. If you tend to like moisturizers with certain oils or extra ingredients (glycerin, rosemary oil, yarrow extract) then look for that in the conditioner you leave-in.
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Exactly! It depends on the condish and what your hair needs/likes. Great advice.

I can get away with leaving in a condish that has one light protein like soy but can't rock ones with cones, propylene gycol, fragrance/parfum, castor oil, steralkonium cholride. Must be as close to natural as possible. That knowledge came from trial and error and a few bouts with contact dermatitis on scalp and neck.
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Holy Grails: Alba Botanica Leave-In Conditioner, AVG, EVO Coconut Oil, Amla Oil, KC Spiral Spritz, Brahmi Oil, Tea Tree eo, Rosemary eo, Distilled H2O, Aloe Vera Juice, Neem Oil, ACV, Dr. Bonner's Skikakai Castile Soap, Avocado Oil

Sometimes: AOMM Jelly, KCNT, KCCC

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