I really don't know. As much as I try to love my hair, it doesn't always work, and in fact, most days I still hate my hair. And, the one day I liked the way my hair looked, it didn't magically change my life. My hair looked good, but I wasn't any happier, the guy I wanted didn't notice me any more than before, and all in all, life pretty much stayed the same. And, the good parts of my life stayed the same, as well. Maybe when I truly love my hair, I will experience this same sort of magic.

I'm always happy for those whose hair transformation changed them in such a positive way, as it did for you, curlyhairdreamer. I only hope that one day I can get to the point you have. I hope that your confidence stays with you and only continues to make you happier.
Teenage curly with 3a-3b course curls
Shampoo: DCLP
Rinse Out: GVP conditioning balm in winter. Devacurl One Condition in Summer
Co Wash: Suave
Styler: LA Looks Curl Gel
Leave in: Devacurl One Condition