Yes! for me it has! I feel sexier, much more so than when I was perming. Probably because I'm doing good things to my hair and that feeling rolls over into other aspects of my life. I have taken up (again) bellydancing, and it has been so much fun, and good for me too. I feel sexy doing that too...LOL Since I have much more inner confidence, it shows on the outside as well. I started wearing a teency bit of eyeshadow and liner, just to make my eyes stand out a little more. I'm more conscious of my eating habits and what and when I eat and how much. I just feel beautiful all over. I'll be 41 this May, and I have to tell you that me being natural, and this life I have at this age, has me feeling more attractive confident and beautiful than I ever have in my entire life, even when I was much younger and thinner. I'm doing good things for myself and it feels good to me. Right now!