If it's happened just in that three month period, that likely is all it is - I just didn't know other factors such as your age, whether male pattern baldness runs in your family, etc. I'd think GTTT would be very good for your scalp. I love it!
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I'm 22 so I dont think its baldness yet. lol

But yea, I'm just noticing it since I've been CG. So, what do you think?
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I'd try GTTTT and just see. If after good clarification and a little time, you still seem to be thinning, I'd ask your dr. about it.

Although it's young, 22 isn't unheard of for a guy to begin thinning, especially if it runs in his family. My BIL's brother started losing his in high school. It was so thin by his sr. year that he just shaved his head and has been doing so ever since. Not trying to scare you, just saying . . . . My five uncles on my mother's side were all bald on top by the time they were 25.

All this to say that if the dr. thinks you are actually beginning to thin/recede due to MPB, the sooner you start preventive measures like Rogaine, etc. the better if you want to preserve it.

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Yea, i know that some people start thinning really early, but I think its a gradual process isnt it?

I don't think MPB just hits you outta nowhere. My dad has thinning hair, he's in his 50's and still not completely bald.

I'll try using GTTTT and see if it gets better, if not I guess I have to ask my doctor. How long do you think I should give it to see improvement in terms of thickness?
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