I've almost always had a problem with leave-in conditioners. I don't know why but one of two things always happen:

1) They do not disappear or absorb into my hair (i.e. Paul Mitchell The Conditioner - It just sits there until many many hours have passed. If I dilute with water, it gets frothy like soap in my hair.)

2) They froth up like shampoo when I apply thus disabling me to actually leave it in my hair. Thus, I have to wash it out. (i.e. Suave Coconut Conditioner)

I usually don't use anything as a leave-in except for Cantu Shea Butter Leave In on dry styles. This is okay but it's a cream and I am hesitant to use it on wash and go hair (gel & water shingled "out" styles).

Any thoughts?
A 4b Chick.