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curlymix I'm actually glad you started this thread!! I've repeated myself so many times that now it will be a lot easier to say here's the thread all the info you can possibly have in one place!!!

I don't know that you could "OVER" do it unless you start noticing lightening effects from it. If that's the case you can use Molasses the same way. I found Molasses to leave me a tad softer then Honey and I prefer the crunchier the better because I get better hold in the long run once it works itself out. I couldn't use Honey in Low Dews and I don't think the dews are quite high enough to start using it but I'll report back. I'm waiting for 50 to be the magic number....

So I use just a pea size drop in my rinse out condish

Honey Rinse-as a LI 1/2 - 1t of Honey to 1C of water I just pour it on slowly then scrunch it all in really well.

HoneyGar- 1part Honey to 2parts ACV in 1C-1 water. I did this when I was using the soap bars then dews dropped haven't tried it again. I liked the fact that it took away the Vinegar Smell.

Agave Nectar-is lighter then Honey I only used this once so far and it left me a tad frizzy at the end of the day and a little too soft on 2nd day. I used a drop in my gel this is something I will play around with also when Dews get higher but I suspect HONEY is till my one TRUE LOVE cuz of the hold factor.

I know some like it with their DT's as well there a lots of recipes in the All natural hair care/Recipes you can find
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