Your great! THanks for getting back to me! I've been in LOVE with honey. Just like your signature, I'm sure little hearts come out of my head when I grab it before a shower!

I'm going to try to add it to my condish too.

I've tried the honeygar (way better name than ACV/honey rinse) - 2 cups of warm water (I only use 2 cups because I'm using an old biolage container and it is just over 2 cups) with 2T of ACV and a squirt of honey. I was using it after my poo bars and before conditioning. I liked it, but I've cut the poo bars due to my porosity.

I've been using honey and keeping track of the dewpoint. The dewpoint has been between 25 and 35 during the day. My hair looks really happy.

I have agave nectar, so I will experiment with that... eventually.... First I need to get honey figured out!

Anyhow, I'm in love with honey. I'm gonna get a "I *heart* honey-bear" t-shirt.

Mix of 3s, thick, coarse, medium porosity

Current hair styling technique: rake with a scrunch at the end. (works with my coarse hair)

pw: curls

Known HGs: KCCC, homemade fsg, honey