My background is similar to all other Black Americans of the diaspora-mixed up, lol... African, Irish, French and supposedly Blackfoot Indian *shrug* My father's side of the family is still very much in touch with their Irish roots since they lived "freely" with both races since the 1600s in Canada. No real record of the African or Creole (French) heritage.
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Hey I thought you were Egyptian! LOL j/k

I'm from Chicago, (boo hoo wind!!) but if you mean heritage wise I'm 1/2 Italian, 1/2 German (tiniest bit of Irish in there, but 50/50 is easier to tell people.) My dad is like type 2c, my mom had 3a when she was younger, so how in the heck did I get type 3c??!!

Dumb genetics! (I'm still kind of convinced I was switched at birth... with a poodle.)
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