I won't lie, personally I think taking care of my hair is completely narcissistic! Haha! I don't see what else it would be--it's just me wanting to look good.
Tell him that if you don't have pretty hair, you'll get depressed because people will laugh at you, and a therapist is much more than 60 dollars every few months

Haha, no, more seriously... you could maybe look into finding a salon willing to cut your hair on the "pattern" of the deva cut if that's just too expensive, or you could ask for the haircuts as presents/rewards/gifts in exchange for doign something for your parents? As for the everyday scrunching, plopping and all that stuff, it is the life of teens to not be understoof by their parents, so do it and oh well if he criticizes! xD
3a in Paris
I use:
Garnier Ultra Doux conditioners
High in glycerin conditioners
As much gel as possible
Testing out flax seed gel
Plopping, for around 30 minutes
Pixiecurl drying