Interesting replies!
I definitely am grateful for my hair. There are times when I'm washing it that I can't help but to think how soft and luxurious my hair is, kinda like a cashmere sweater. I don't think it would matter who's hair I had, I would always be envious of others people's hair. There are so many different colors and types of curl that are beautiful to me(I've also really admired many healthy straight women's hair before too.) Off of this site I would trade hair with: Muñequita, curly_princess, lushaholic, pixiecurl, mitabird, keewee, plink, Midnitecurls, urbancurl, moppyt, hockeymomof3, and doria...but there are many more people on this site I would trade hair with as well. Which is why I chose the too many to count option.