Do you get an allowance? Or perhaps you could barter for extra $30 - extra chores, babysitting if you have younger siblings, good grades, etc.

As for taking care of your hair, although it can be seen as narcissistic, personal appearance can be a big part of self esteem. If you're happy in how you look and how you are perceived, your self confidence levels soar. In school, kids can be cruel to anyone that is different. Right now, curlies seem to be in the minority (at least they are in the schools in my area). If you are able to shield yourself by being happy with yourself and how you look, then you'll be more resistant to haters.

I know it's more important to be happy in yourself and how we look doesn't matter but let's face it, the reality is that we are all judged by our appearance everyday. And yes, it's shallow, but nothing makes my day more than a hair compliment.
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