I'm not sure what my curl classification is.
3a or b I guess?

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Looks to me like your 3A, possibly with some 2C/2B mixed in there. I love your hair color, it's very pretty.I'm a newbie here and only started CG and a no poo routine a couple months ago. For most of that time, my hair's been in an icky, frizzy transitioning stage, but just today I think I discovered a good simple routine for my hair. I deep condition with Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner, then comb my hair with either my fingers or a wide tooth comb, depending on how tangled my hair is. I usually do this with water running through my hair, and sometimes bent over so my hair hangs down. When I get out of the shower, I put in some Triple Moisture Silk Tough Leave-in Cream (Neutorogena), particularly applying at the ends of my hair. I have some damage there from straightening without any heat protection and blow drying without protectiong, and occasionally both. When I'm done with the leave in cream (which is kind of like a leave in conditioner) I use Frizz Ease Spiral Style Curl Defining Spray Gel to style my hair. I scrunch my hair with this to help tighten the curly and give my hair less of a square shape. Sometimes I finger-comb my hair with this in, to try and coat every curl to provent frizz. Afterwards, I try to let my hair totally air dry. Even diffusion creates extreme frizz on my hair, but maybe I'm doing it wrong. As my hair drys, I'll press my hands against my hair, one on each side of my hair, and get rid of the crunchiness by sliding my hand down my hair. I have to pinch seperate locks to get rid of crunchiness at the top of my head, but I don't get much curl there. It's most 2A. After a while, my hair with totally dries and comes out, not perfect, but mostly frizz free and shiny. I'm still working out a few problems in this routine, but so far it's working. I plan to layer my hair fairly soon (right now it's all one length in the back and random short locks in the front, with some medium thrown in. That's why I'm not posting pics now, maybe later. ~:-) By the way, you ladies have all got some gorgeous hair!Hair envy!
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