I've already posted before buut:

I somewhat like my hair. It's inbetween curly and wavy, so I have a lot of nice tighter ringlets in the back, and very loose, cut ringlets, and little miny s waves/limpy, messed up waves in the front. Some days I really like it, and other days I get really, really envious of other girl's hair. Especially on here. I'm always like "Nooo, my hair looks like **** compared to all these girls! ): " I haven't gone CG yet.. and the only thing I follow that you guys do, is not use a brush. Sooo I wonder what my hair would do if I tryed some of your methods.
Unlike a lot of people on hair with super curly hair, I don't get compliments, except from family. But so what, I don't need other people to make me feel good about my hair. (:
Hair Type: 2b/2c (:

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