I have 2b hair and my waves don't start at my crown... they begin a couple of inches down. I can go a year before having to touch up my roots. I TRed my hair in December and it still looks and feels wonderful. Based on what other folks are saying, I would only recommend this procedure for folks who have waves versus curls. I can't imagine retouching my hair five times a year... holy cow!
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Your experience sounds great! My hair is much curlier than yours, naturally 3b/c. TR works well in my hair because it's not very curly at the root - my curliest hair is at the bottom and towards the back. So, the growing out process is manageable and I have it done about 3 times a year. I've had no breakage or damage. Maybe it is dryer but it doesn't look that way - the straight hair reflects light and it looks shiny and feels soft. I will probably do it for another 5 or so years, until I get sick of it. I really love it. But you have to like stick straight hair, and it helps to have a curl pattern that is not so curly at the root.
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