Hello everyone....my list for the past few 3 weeks...

Miss Jessie's Sample Pack
Mixed Chicks Leave-In
QP Mango butter
Aussie Moist Conditioner

Mixed Chick's I must say....amazing I love love love this stuff. I used it for a week for my wash and go's...loved it.
I tried Miss Jessie's Silkening cream the same twice with my wash and go, and preferred Mixed Chicks hands down.
I also tried Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercream with a dry 2-strand twist, my hair was nicely moisturized for 3 days. I retouched my hair each day with a tiny bit of baby buttercream, just patted my edges and ends. This was the first time I liked the results of my twists and also the first time I did it dry.
The Aussie Conditioner, I used this for the Conditioner only method....rinsed my hair in the shower then applied the conditioner and sectioned and detangled my hair and I did not rinse out the conditioner. I got out the shower and went thru my hair with my denman to separate clumps of curls, let it air dry and I liked it a lot. I did this yesterday. This morning I woke up and just dampened my hair did very minimal finger combing and it looks great.

I just have to say I am a true PJ every week I pick up something....I love it

Transitioned for 15 months, with trims every 2 - 3 months.
Cut off the rest of my relaxer January 24th, 2009