Yeah 3a ya think? I really have no idea because my hair ranges from corkscrew to wavy.
I'm not sure I coul ever go totally CG & never shampoo, ever. I only wash my hair now about once every 7-10 days but by then it's definitely pretty dirty & kinda smells like, I or something.
So I just had a baby 6 months ago & I've been really annoyed with my hair. It's just not the same, really just dry & nasty, so I decided to just go & get it Brazillian straightened. Just did it today so it's pin straight from the flat-ironing process. Once I wash it it won't be as pin-straight but it will be 90% less curly-frizzy, much, much softer, & easier to deal with.
I had it done two years ago & it didn't fade out completely for like 7-8 months because I wash my hair sooo infrequently.

SO this is what it looks like right now..
I'll post some picks after I wash it too..

First day washed, air dried with no product.
Waited 5 days after BKT to wash it.

Love it.

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