Let's see if I can get this right! My dad is mainly Black with a little Native American (we can't trace back what else). His hair is big deep waves that he lays down with a KNEE HIGH ON HIS HEAD! people think that his hair is processed.

My mom consider's herself Black-- but is mostly 70%ish Native American (Cherokee, Lumbee mostly--there's more) then White (Irish) then a little Black. Her curls are pretty much straight now with age/medication maybe, but she's always roller setting her hair so I have no idea what kind of curls she really has (hmmmmm I think I'll be experimenting with her when I get back to the states!!!). When she was a toddler her hair was straightish with big curls--I think? I'm not a good hair typer!

Then there's me--somesay 3c, somesay 3b3c, some say 3c4a--someone said 4b soooooo I guess I'm 3b-4b!?? WhO knows!!

Sorry my post is sooo long-I'm soo longwinded and like to talk ALOT!

I just BC'd!!!!

Products: AOHSR (I leave this in too--hope that's okay?), GDLI, KCKT, KCCC (got to figure this one out), Coconut oil, AOMM

CURL TYPE: ????????