Let me tell you what I really think.

The before shot is cute and really pretty (I would love to have your hair), but the shoulder-length hair looks so young. I don't know how old you are, but you could pass for barely twenty. With your young, fresh complexion and spunky, bright eyes, you look very "green" young in the before shot.

In the after shot, you look more polished and sophisticated. You remind me of my fav hair person, Amy on Judging Amy (see and note the photo at the top right and not the straightened one with her family). You look more professional for how young your face is, more ready to conquer the world and more established in the world. It's a more springy and fresh style, at the same time as looking beautiful.

Your old look was cute, but your new look is classically beautiful. I understand that it's quite an adjustment, but even if you only keep it this way for a little while, I think the style has personality and looks like something I'd see on What Not to Wear after a makeover.