My father is a dark skinned Dominican with 4b hair. Mom is a white Dominican with 3a hair (she's lost her curls now that she's older). My entire family is so many different colors (all Dominican and some PR on my mom's side) but that's normal down there.

My thick hair is 3C. My sister's fine hair is 4A. Its funny how you can have siblings with different types of hair.
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I am also dominican, my mom is dark skinned with 4a hair and my dad is light skinned with 3a hair. I also have some puerto rican on my dads side. My daughter is half dominican (from me, duh) and her dad is guyanese. Hes a mix of black, indian and portugese. They both have similar hairtypes, 3c with sprinkles of 4a.
3b/3c i think??
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