Wow! I think it's really pretty if that helps. I'm guessing that's your natural color? It's fab. I don't have very similar hair, so I wont really suggest anything, but I would say you're a 2 something! Oh and don't stress too much about curl type--sometimes it's more about thickness, elasticity, porousness, etc. etc. than hair type. My philosophy is if it ain't broke don't fix it! (That's how we talk here in kentuck.) But if you are unhappy with your hair I'm sure other people will have suggestions.

P.S. How long have you been doing the no-poo thing? Just so you know, it can take some time to work, and then past that to get to the best state. For some people I think it has taken like 2 months, just because of damage and stuff.
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thank you! it isnt "broke" per say, but it is damaged from allll the straightening I've been doing for the past 6 years! lol

I'm actually NOT doing a no-poo thing. I dont know if everyone on here is? Maybe I am a silly newbie lol. Maybe I need to...I honestly dont know much about it. I need to read more. I figured I'd get some advice before asking any more silly questions.