For so long I had heard don't detangle when wet, that's when strands are at their weakest.
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Yes! I hated when my mom would detangle my hair because it hurt so much. She didn't know how to manage my hair so she would french braid it, put it in pony tails, or a pony tail w/braid. It was a godsend when I started doing my hair on my own and discovered that using conditioner when detangling was the key to a pain free scalp. And I also discovered that I was still indeed curly after the age of 3 (I was 12 at the time), it's just my mom tamed it into submission.

A diffuser is my best friend. I would subject my hair to freezing in the winter year after year. Last July I discovered the diffuser and never looked back. A total DUH! moment for me.
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