I'm taking your before and after pictures with me tomorrow when I go for a new cut. I loved the updated look -- more of a style, I guess. Please tell me if your cut is long layers, or whatever technique was used. Also, what do you do to get a little bit of height at your front crown area and to keep the hair back off your face? That's my dilemma! What product do you use at home for styling? Love your cut -- you look perfect.
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I took the Keri Russell picture with me and the stylist said it was called at a "stack." She left the top layers pretty long to give it weight. I hope that makes sense. I have the same problem with my hair falling forward. I feel like a mop sometimes -- I don't really have a part, it just falls in all directions equally the way a mop does when you hold it upside down. I think I just pushed it back for the picture. I also had more height because I diffused my hair at the salon (she's a friend of my mom's, she cut my hair while my mom's color was processing, so I then styled it using her products). I put in a leave-in conditioner (I don't remember which one) mixed with some biosilk silk therapy and combed through. I then applied some Matrix Styling Glaze (my mom's HG BTW) and diffused, alternating between upside down and rightside up.

I just went off CG, so I just went back to my old styling products...Paul Mitchell The Conditioner and Paul Mitchell Hair Sculpting Lotion. However, my hair deosn't look too good today.

I don't remember what products I used in the before picture, but it may have been PM The Conditioner, some Aveda Brilliant Frizz serum stuff (not sure on name), and biolage gelee.
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