Cyndi, while you describe the sensation of your hair parallelling a mop, it looks naturally beautiful instead of frumpy, forced, and artificial. Nothing looks worse to me that a hairstyle that says "I spent my life in front of a mirror designing this." I much prefer a natural beauty who embraces who she is and whose hair is gorgeous as yours.

The style you have chosen may be one you don't chose forever. However, it's still new, and sometimes my personality grows with my hairstyle's braveness. I really like the new look for it's 20s spunk and sophisticated mood, without being stuffy. Few can pull it off, and you can!

I think your perceived disarray or mop, as you call it, is self-imposed. Sometimes, I feel like my hair looks messy when no one else would call it that. It's like we're still hearing the insults of curly hair and ignoring the complements.

You are beautiful. Your hair is beautiful. And you are becoming the woman you are.