Burgundy you inspired me to try Agave in my gel yesterday on 2nd day DRY HAIR. I mixed it with FOTE, I was prepared to be a sticky mess but somehow this worked for me. The down side it left QUITE a bit of frizz so I had to counteract that with some moisture but it held up all day. The other thing I noticed and I don't know if this the Aloe or the AN but by the night time after being out all day my hair was almost STRAIGHT. This happened last time I used AN in my Gel too. I don't think AN has the kind of hold that Honey does because this never happened when I used Honey. BUT, it could also be the lack of Humidity and low dews...WHO KNOWS it's a constant experiment and someday I might actually nail it down... So I'm not surprised it didn't work for you twice in a row
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Almost straight?! Really?! Hmm... interesting... I dont really know too much about FOTE AVG and nothing about AN so I can't speak from experience. All i know is that the AVG provides me with just the softness part, and because of the honey, KCCC, and BRHG i get the hold. I'm not giving up on the honey, BELIEVE ME! Like Curlymix, my hair curled from root to tip- something my hair has stopped doing for months because of the flat ironing damage and i am almost convinced the honey is who to thank. another thing i do is plop and scrunch in everything and i also over night plop. since my hair is so heavy at the moment, non plopping will probably not result in good curl formation. clumping, i guess that will be a hit and miss for me...

Oh yea, and the first clumpy curls i got earlier this week could have been because i did a poo wash? maybe my hair likes poo... but i'll just try a low poo next instead.
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