Leave it to me for this to happen. After 3 months, I finally get my Instyler from my niece. I use it for 5 days. The last couple days I noticed it was stopping mid curl. I would have to push the button to turn it back on. My husband looked through the papers that came with it to find that if it is stopping there is probably something wrong with the cord. I e-mailed customer service to see if I had any options; i.e., getting a replacement unit. Have not heard from them and my husband doesn't think I will. The papers that came with it said if you have to return it you have to return "both" units. I went half and half with my niece. She has the other unit and it is working fine so she doesn't want to return hers.

So here I am. . . love the way the Instyler works on my hair. What do I do? My husband says since it is from an infomercial and probably a company you can't deal with very well just to suck it up and buy a new one. Hate to spend all that money, but looks like they have me over a barrel.

Anyone else find themselves in a situation like this?