Well they rose at the end of last week into the 40s them dipped for the last two days to the mid 30s. This morning I'm looking at 40. With a temp of mid 70s. Does temp matter at all with the dew point? Humidity is obviously in the 30s somewhere I think.

I swear, since learning to love my hair I've become an amature scientist and meterologist!!!

(I'm actually happy about that, I'm looking to be a 'jackie of all trades'! Hehehe )
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curlymix I kept forgetting to reply to your question. Do temps play a role as well as dews? Unfortunately I don't know for certain but it just SEEMS that every time the Temp is warm enough it's not my wash day so I can't test this theory but I WILL and when I do you will get full report!

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