I'm 24 and people still ask me what grade I'm in! They look surprised when I say "I already graduated," and then I say, "...college!," and their mouths usually drop! And I don't even want to mention the number of times I've been carded at the movies!
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I can relate! I think that you look about my age, though, and I'll be 24 next month. The way I see it, when you are this age, you can either look young or look 30! I'd rather look young! I feel sorry for all of the guys our age who are really starting to lose their hair...

I really like it both ways. I'm still not sure which makes you look younger, though (you look the same age in both pics to me)!

I'm impressed that you can keep those shorter, curlier pieces in the front under control! I wish I could do that! My front pieces have a mind of their own.