what do you people with bobs think about putting it up? how long does it have to be to be able to? what do you do for sports, with & w/o helmets? does anyone have longer inverted bob pics? I have seen micol124s pics, but are there any more like that? what about bobs with bangs?
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Even when my hair was as short as in my avatar picture, I was able to put my hair in a pony tail. I had some hair at the nape of my neck that didn't quite reach up that far, but it didn't cause any issues. I ride horses, and when using a helmet I fit as much as I can into a lower pony tail or use a hair net to keep my hair out of my face (geez, I wish I had this bob when I was competing!).

Headbands are also great when you don't want to screw up your curls by putting it in a pony tail. Or to keep shorter strands out of the way when trying for a lower pony tail.
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